I  have won awards from Marketing, Applied Arts, the ADCC, the Bessies, Bild, Shopper Innovation, Promax, CMAs, and Communication Arts.  My extracurricular creative work has screened at over 50 festivals worldwide, and one piece is in the permanent collection at the EMP in Seattle.  However, what I am most proud of is my reputation amongst creatives for sincere encouragement, a nurturing style, and pushing them to pursue their creative passions.  I have been praised by clients for my integrity, single-minded focus, active listening, and have built connections that have lasted well beyond the agency/client relationship.  

      In my spare time, I continue to create and produce content as a hobby and for creative exercise.  I have also volunteered my talents to conservation organizations like the Bruce Trail and share my professional experience by teaching occasional classes and giving lectures to students from Ryerson University, OCAD University, Seneca College, Centennial College, and Humber College.  

      And when it’s time to recharge or get some perspective you’ll find me in Georgian Bluffs where my wife and I bought a farm and built a house in a field.  I’m trying to learn hobby farming…with some help from my daughter.



I was 23 and at the end of my third year in the Ontario College of Art and Design’s Communication and Design program, studying Illustration and Design, when my Dad took a look at my portfolio and said, “Son, I think you should go into marketing.”  Not sure if this was criticism or encouragement, I entered the college’s advertising scholarship competition and surprisingly won every award on offer.  The Leo Burnett Scholarship, the MacLaren McCann Scholarship, the Harrod & Mirlin Scholarship, and the Southam Award for Best portfolio all offered me the chance of summer employment from one of the aforementioned agencies.  Dad was right.  I left the school with an unbroken record for the most academic prizes won in a single year and began my career in media, marketing, and advertising.

      I joined Harrod & Mirlin, one of Canada’s first boutique startups.  The small agency provided big opportunity and in my first few weeks I was doing double duty as writer and art director on projects for CIBC, Nabob, Suzuki, and Moosehead.  The 10 week internship turned into five great years and I went on to be the creative lead on various multimedia campaigns for Levi's and Nabisco.  On Levi’s I had the good fortune to change the course of an ailing brand by reintroducing it to a new generation through marketing initiatives featuring artists, designers, and illustrators from their own ranks.  Our campaigns blew-off the brand’s “dusty” heritage and focused on authenticity, a strategy still employed today.

      After cutting my teeth at a scrappy independent it was time to experience a well-resourced multi-national.  I moved to FCB where big brands went hand-in-hand with big budgets, large teams, and massive exposure.  In this environment I learned all the promise and pit-falls of a “big agency” and used the experience to build my business acumen, client relationships, and manage the complexity of cross-departmental projects and executions.  During this time I worked on campaigns for Coors Light, TD Canada Trust, and SC Johnson, simply the biggest brands in the market.  And these experiences helped me earn a promotion to Associate Creative Director seven years into my career.  I went on to run 13 brands for Kraft including Oreo, Delissio, Jello, Peek Freans, and Chips Ahoy.  Here we did some of our best work generating record sales for the brands and creative accolades for the agency.  It was also where I would develop some of my deepest client relationships, particularly while launching Showcase, Food Network, and HGTV to Canadian audiences…but more about that later.


01 Oreo "Twist To Open" as featured in Communication Arts by creatives

     Joseph Nanni, Larry Ioannou, Gints Bruveris and Matt Fraracci.  The ad

     was originally created as point-of-sale material but when on to be featured

     in multiple media executions for years after it's release.

02 Lost Girl Fan Expo Exclusive Poster by creatives Joseph Nanni, Dave Dick

     and Taps Das.  The posters were grabbed up in a matter of hours.

03 Land Rover lobby card for the sponsorship of the Canadian Opera by

     creatives Joseph Nanni, Gints Bruveris, Matt Fraracci, Trevor West,

     and Rick Gallinger

04 Magazine for FIFA World Juniors by creatives Joseph Nanni, Rick

     Gallinger, Trevor West, Matt Fraracci, Gints Bruveris, and Larry Ioannou

05 The NHL mission statement written by Joseph Nanni with Matt Fraracci

     for Gary Betman.  The piece was created for a presentation to the

     Commissioner, Vice Commissioner, and CMO to reflect the attitudes

     and opinions of players, fans, and participants in the sport.  It became

     the cornerstone of the marketing, PR, and retail executions for the brand.




      In 2004 I was invited to join Y & R as VP Creative Director leading Land Rover, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Right To Play, Fifa World Juniors, the NHL, and lead new business.  It was a huge opportunity to learn new categories and work in the digital space.  I learned how to apply a hub-and-spoke system to campaign strategy and ideation.  Our agency became the centre point for thinking that would be executed in platforms as varied as branded content to coupons to packaging to in-store experience design as well as all the media traditionally associated with a campaign.  I learned the strength and value of a well-thought strategic idea and had the great pleasure of learning new businesses as we shepherded our IP through varying media and partner agencies.  



      But through all these experiences I became fixated on “the wiring under the board” and lost perspective on how consumers experience and evaluate the work.  Brands and content were merging, the consumer now had the power to curate their own media experience so I started creating pieces outside our scope of work and seeding them in earned and owned media.  This led to incredible successes in places like YouTube where a video we created for Wicked Crunch earned millions of hits and drove trial of the product.  Another of my most successful pieces came from this method, a 90 second PSA for The Princess Margaret Hospital which created a movement within their organization which guides their mission to this day.



06  A Moment In Every Coin directed by Joseph Nanni, creative by

     Joseph Nanni, Gints Bruveris, and Matt Fraracci

07 KFC Hot WIngs print by Joseph Nanni, Rick Gallinger, and Trevor West

08 Fries Supreme wild postings by creatives Joseph Nanni, Gints Bruveris,

     Matt Fraracci, and Rick Gallinger

09 In Our Lifetime TV and digital PSA directed by Joseph Nanni, creative by

     Matt Fraracci, and Gints Bruveris

10 Colonel's Dozen print by Joseph Nanni, Rick Gallinger, and Trevor West


      So encouraged by how this work was embraced, and the results, I left the agency to start my own company called Affari di Famiglia (ADF) where I consulted on ideation, strategy, and the creative process, as well as created and executed branded experiences and traditional brand sell advertising. I produced a landmark olympic campaign for The Royal Canadian Mint plus great executions for Advil, Toyota, Tassimo, Nabob, and OLG.  I consulted to Y & R, Sandbox, Elemental, Air Canada, McCarthy Tetrault, Toyota, and worked with Match Marketing Group, standing in as their VP and executive creative director for projects on Pepsi, Meridian Bank, and Taco Bell.  ADF’s biggest success came in the form of a documentary entitled A Day Without Cancer.  Narrated by Bryan Adams and starring Lisa Ray, the film focused on the history of cancer and questioned our progress in the fight against the disease.  What’s most remarkable is that the film is one of the first pieces of sponsored content to ever be purchased and aired by the CBC and Netflix.

      ADF continues to operate lending our skills to social change organizations like Champions Against Bullying, the LIFT agency for social change, Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, Tourettes Syndrome Foundation of Canada, to name a few.  Creatively we continue to test and develop short form content launching a Kids channel called Bahloogah, the documentary reality series Fanboy to Framer (starring me), and the highly successful meta humour and entertainment channel Bad Advice for Good Times.  Our branded and short form content has 10M+ hits on YouTube.

There is no doubt that strong relationships and mutual respect are the keys to doing great work and better business, so nothing is more rewarding than when past associates seek you out to work on their own business.  In October of 2012, a client from FCB and a co-worker from Y&R invited me to work with them at Shaw media on brands I had helped launch some 14 years earlier. I was hired to run the lifestyle portfolio including HGTV, Food, DIY, Slice, Lifetime. Within six months I was handed the role of creative director of Showcase, Action, History, H2, BBC Canada, Deja View, Twist TV, IFC, Movietime, Mystery, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic Channel, production, and digital/UX design.

      After three years of helping the media giant through intense transformational change it was time to take what I learned and move forward. I co-wrote, produced, and directed the hugely successful 2016 Corus Upfront show for the newly merged Shaw Media and Corus Entertainment, and took a bow.




253 Benson Avenue  •  Toronto  •  Ontario  •  M6G 2J7  •  416 272 9878  •  joseph@josephnanni.ca

11  Tassimo "Barcode" directed by Joseph Nanni, creative by Jane Murray,


      and Julie Markel

12  A Day Without Cancer written, directed and produced by Joseph Nanni

13  History Canada Remembrance Day written and directed by Joseph Nanni

      and Alan Lukatela

14  Mr. Robot campaign breakdown by creatives Joseph Nanni, Brent

      Peterson, Dave Dick, and Taps Das

15  Give A Toast campaign created by Joseph Nanni and Robby Frankel

16  The Future Is Wood by Stacklab, Community, and Great Gulf

17  Nanni/Jones Family Home in Georgian Bluffs designed by Joseph Nanni

      Amanda Jones and Form and Forest

18  My daughter helping out on the farm



"Joe has the gift of craft and the knowledge of business that few at his level rarely possess or acquire."

                                      Chris Jordan, CEO, President, Sidelaunch Breweries

"Joe takes the time to do the best work, without ego.  He invests and he’s quality driven."


                                                      Perry Miele, Chairman, Beringer Capital


"Joe has an amazing combination of strategy, creative, production, and raw talent that's tailor-made for the digital, social, and content driven world""

   Robin Heisey, Professor, Advertising & Marketing



      Exploring opportunites in tech, with start-ups, multinationals, and pure production houses, I was ultimately brought back to the agency world by the great folks at Community who offered a unique approach in a creatively agnostic environment. This incredibly talented team has moved under the radar that most traditional agencies covet. They produce considered, disruptive work that ignores the rules and norms of mainstream marketing. In less than a year together, we've won multiple pieces of new business including the coveted Canadian Tire Jumpstart account, and we've created an in-house content studio delivering a multitude of projects, complete from concept to execution. It feels great to come full circle and return to where my career began; a nimble privately owned creative powerhouse where anything is possible.

"Joe manages intuitively. He serves his teams and the ideas."                                                                                                    


                                                                                                       Amanda Ploughman, CEO, smak